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This site is still in its construction stage and some of the links may not work how they should. In time we will sort them out and hope to have the most comprehensive site on the web with EMU related products.
We envisage this site to become a one stop shopping experience for all things to do with EMU , e.g. • Emu oil enriched Cosmetics, cremes , rubs and lotions. Not just one brand but in time hundreds of different brand names.
• Emu eggs whether they are plain , painted , decorated or craved , again there will be many to choose from and not only from regular artists, but we will also be encouraging traditional artists to supply us with their craft.
• Emu leather products, wallets , purses, belts, hats, shoes, organisers, mobile phone covers and more.
• Emu Meat, fresh or frozen in all sorts of cuts . Steaks, sausages, pies, etc.etc.
• Emu feathers for craft or insulation (jackets, doona's or sleeping bags)

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